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Brief History

Anniston OB-GYN Associates has played a prominent roll in providing quality health care for women in Calhoun County Alabama and surrounding areas since 1948. We trace our origins to Dr. N.C. Denton, Jr. and Dr. Tom C. King, Jr. coming to Anniston at that time to establish an obstetrics and gynecology practice. Both Dr. King and Dr. Denton served with distinction in WWII and subsequently returned to the United States to complete their training in obstetrics and gynecology at LSU and University of Virginia respectively. Dr. Denton and Dr. King were the first Board Certified OB-GYNs to to practice in East Alabama. Their arrival on the scene marked the beginnings of a long tradition of providing quality obstetric and gynecological care to patients in our area.

Dr. Fred Ballard joined the practice in 1965 and Dr. Pat Stewart followed him into the group in 1967. At that time, the group incorporated and changed its name to Anniston OB-GYN Associates. Since its formation in 1967, Anniston OB-GYN Associates has maintained a high level of quality care which as allowed us to continue to recruit and retain high caliber practitioners. Our outstanding physicians who have been members of our group over the years includes Dr. Gary Craddock, Dr. Buddy Mullis, Dr. Charles Brockwell, Dr. Barbara Moersch, Dr. Mark Latta, and Dr. Kimberly Bain. Dr. Denton and Dr. King have long since retired and passed away. Dr. Fred Ballard retired from the practice in 2005.

Currently, our group consists of Dr. Pat Stewart, Dr. Lucy Ballard, Dr. Cynthia Fletcher, Dr. Cynthia Cater, and Dr. Lawrence Jones. All of our physicians are Board Certified, having maintained the high standards of continuing education required for board certification and having completed rigorous certification and recertification examinations. Anniston OB-GYN Associates continues to be a leader in women's health care in East Alabama, providing medical treatment and diagnostic services in one location, all for the convenience of our patients.


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